A collection of retrieval practice research and resources …

As the author of a book solely dedicated to retrieval practice I often get asked questions by teachers, students and parents about this teaching and learning strategy. People are also keen to discuss retrieval practice with me and share classroom resources that they have used for recall, whether that be one of my original ideas or they have created their own. I am obviously very interested in this area of cognitive psychology and as part of the writing process for my book I carried out a significant amount of reading and research. During these conversations about retrieval practice I often reference and share the works of others so I have decided to put all those suggestions and recommendations in one place, here on my blog! Read more


Flash cards as an effective study strategy …

Flash cards are a very useful revision activity for many reasons. They work across all subjects, they can be used with the recall of facts, dates, quotes, definitions and more. They are a very simple technique for learners to use – low effort but high impact. As well as being an effective learning strategy flash cards are also popular with students. In a research survey carried out in 2018 more than 50% of college students reported that they do use flash cards to study. Read more


2020 Online CPD

2020 hasn’t been great, it’s not over but without sounding pessimistic it doesn’t look like things are back to the “old normal” yet! However, there are silver linings and this year has been a fantastic year for online professional learning for educators. As I am based in the Middle East, but originally from the UK and teach at a British school, I often feel like I am missing out on so many great events taking place. This year I have been able to watch, listen, learn, and share. I have collated these excellent online presentations and you can access them below by clicking on the different links for the different categories. I will continue to add to this and develop this digital CPD library. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful! Read more