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This is a resource I created after one of my Year 7 classes commented on how much they loved the emojis on display in my classroom. They then asked if they could do something with emojis in a lesson. It is well known that emojis are popular but obviously resources have to have a purpose or function to aid teaching and learning.  I had used emojis before in various ways and as part of my assessment for learning strategies. I also tend to use exit tickets but I like to design different styles/types of exit tickets. I realised I could use emojis as part of an exit ticket to self assess and reflect on the lesson.

The idea is so simple and basic yet can be very effective. At the end of a lesson students have to circle the emoji or emojis that reflect how they got on in the lesson. I included a wide variety of the well known emoji characters. More important than that is the explanation that students have to include, explaining why they chose the emoji(s). Teachers have often asked me for advice about plenaries, as a common problem can be not having enough time. The emoji exit ticket is very quick for students to complete but the emojis and explanation provide a clear self assessment from the student.
After collecting the emoji exit tickets at the end of the lesson it was really interesting to read through the different responses. There were lots of love heart eyes emojis ? stating they enjoyed the lesson, which was lovely to read! There was also some angry and sad emoji faces ? saying they were bored, not so lovely but I appreciate their honesty! Some exit tickets surprised me because students were able to tell me the lesson was too difficult or that ‘they didn’t get’ certain aspects. This then further informed my future planning and differentiation.

After sharing the resource on Twitter, then later on @UKEDResources, I was surprised by the response from teachers. There were a lot of teachers very excited about using this resource with their students, whereas some teachers didn’t feel there was a place for emojis within the classroom. The resource has been used and shared with teachers from Canada, Cairo, Germany, Norway, California… and has been translated into Swedish by Karin Braneback @braneback, illustrating emojis are a universal language! It has also been adapted by Doug Saunders @Dasaunders199 as a google slide, instead of circling the emoji students drag and drop the suitable emoji then type their explanation. The feedback I have received is that students have thoroughly enjoyed using the emoji exit tickets because they find it fun and relevant. Also, teachers have said this simple method helps students who can struggle to articulate or express themselves when reflecting. The exit ticket has also worked very well with EAL students to gauge their level of understanding. This resource has been used across all key stages and can be used for any subject/topic.

After the positive feedback from both students and teachers I created a different version of the emoji exit ticket. This is where students have to create their own emoji/picture to reflect on the lesson and again provide an accompanying explanation. This allowed students to be very creative and again very interesting responses and fun emojis!

Both resources can be downloaded for free at  http://ukedchat.com/resources/

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If you’ve been inspired by any of these ideas I’d love to hear from you to find out how you’ve taken them / adapted or remixed them and used them in your classroom. Please feel free to follow my blog and leave comments below or why not just drop me a message on Twitter.

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